Could Oysters Help Protect North Carolina’s Coast During Hurricane Season?

Could Oysters Help Protect North Carolina’s Coast During Hurricane Season?

WANCHESE, N.C. – North Carolina’s coastal residents area unit respiratory a sigh of relief when cyclone Chris took a pull away from the Atlantic Coasthowever there beyond any doubt are extra threats from extreme weather and lowland rise this season.

The answer to those issues might get laid a favorite delicacy – the oyster.

The University of North geographical area Coastal Studies Institute is connection the character Conservancy to put in a bound oyster reef on the Institute’s field in Wanchese.

Reide prizefighter, the Institute’s program head, says oyster reefs placed next to salt marshes might give a natural barrier.

“Oysters and oyster beds nowadays are literally getting used loads for bound protection, style of a greener method of protective bounds as a result of they will scale back the wave energy before it impacting the shoreline,” he explains. “And so, as you have got magnified waves, they will truly scale back the impact on the coast. ”

When waves break over oyster reefs, they deposit sediment that reduces erosion.

The project in Wanchese, can function a active laboratory for college kids to review the doable answer, and an illustration website for alternative communities to duplicate the model.

Corbett adds that the oyster reefs give a far better different to synthetic structures that always area unit checked out as solutions.

“Property homeowners, usually once they have Associate in Nursing erosion bound, an answer to it is usually to place a vertical structure, a sea wall, or some style of jetty all along the bound itself,” he states. “When you are doing that, you lose style of that vital interface between land and water.”

In addition to reducing erosion, and protective bound, oyster reefs conjointly serve to filter the water and supply nutrients for alternative ocean life.

A 2017 report from the Union of involved Scientists free last year predicts that thirteen coastal communities in North geographical area are over ten % flooded a minimum of twenty six times p.a. by 2035.


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